Beginners Guide to Brewing

How to Brew Beer in India – A Beginners Guide

Recipe to brew 8 Liters

Read through this entire brewing process before your brew day. Modified to suite equipment’s available in India. Find all you need at


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BrewDay help - Checklist

Use this checklist while brewing beer at home. This is a checklist of equipments you will be using to keep note whether it needs to be sanitized or only cleaned. Don't try to clean something at the last minute just as you need it, you are inviting trouble. Take a print of this document and paste it on the wall while brewing.


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BrewDay help - Recipe Tracker

It is always a good idea to keep track of the recipe while brewing beer at home. By tracking your ingredients, recipe used, original gravity and taste of your beer you can improve your brewing process and make more consistent, better tasting beer. 




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